Top Quality Leasing Services In Jacksonville


WaterMarke Property Management is a leading leasing services company in Jacksonville, who will rent your property with care. Our team has extensive market knowledge and uses the latest technology and marketing techniques.  Our property management company can secure quality tenants for your property. We will get your property rented quickly and efficiently with the right people.


Here’s what we offer for our Jacksonville property management leasing services:

Leasing Services - WaterMarke Property Management Services, Jacksonville, FL

Property Preparation

  • We’ll tour your property with you and identify what is needed to meet Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws. We’ll recommend improvements to present your property at its best and attract top quality tenants.
  • We know the current market and trends and will price your property accurately for the rental market in the area.

Advertising and Marketing

  • We only use professional photographers to present your home with the best image.
  • We advertise on hundreds of websites and social media, both major and boutique to provide your home with the greatest exposure.
  • We pursue prospective tenants through numerous avenues to schedule viewings.

Property Showing

  • We go to great lengths to learn your home and its features, the neighborhood and community so our agents can present your home at its best.
  • We answer all prospective tenant questions and showcase why your home is a great place to live.

Tenant Screening and Application Process

  • We are experts in finding and screening tenants. We treat all potential tenants fairly and with respect.
  • We have a professional process and a set of criteria we follow that prospective tenants must meet.
  • We conduct background checks and credit reports, confirm income and verify rental history.
  • We help quality tenants through our comprehensive application process.
  • Our leasing process abides by all city, state, and federal housing laws.

Lease Terms Negotiation

  • We help owners anticipate potential problems and write stipulations to protect them.
  • Our philosophy is to implement proactive measures that eliminate hazards and conflict.
  • We communicate with you as we negotiate with prospective tenants.

Lease Agreement Preparation

  • Once details and stipulations of the lease have been established and agreed upon, the lease is ordered through our retained attorney.
  • Our attorney specializes in Florida Landlord/Tenant Law and follows Florida case law to ensure you are getting sound, current advice and a lease that is compliant and enforceable.

Tenancy Management

  • We prepare, inspect and document your property prior to your tenant taking occupancy. We communicate with your tenant to ensure their transition is smooth and enjoyable.
  • Tenants are given their own online tenant portal to make electronic payments, request maintenance and to communicate with our staff 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • We are communicators. We communicate with your tenants and we communicate with you.

Property Leasing Services - Jacksonville - WaterMarke Property Management

Jacksonville Leasing Renewal Services


Before offering a tenant a renewal of their lease, we evaluate how the last one went. Did your tenant pay on time? Were maintenance requests reasonable and necessary? Is the house well cared for? We follow these steps and then give you comprehensive information so you can make your best decision.


  • Inspect the house for care
  • Review their payment history
  • Review the maintenance history during the lease term
  • Communicate with the tenant about their interest in renewing
  • Prepare a market analysis to determine lease rate
  • Offer renewal or advise of non-renewal
  • Order the renewal and execute the contract or begin steps to turn and market your property


Lease renewals are important to minimize vacancy and reduce turning expenses. Finding and keeping quality tenants is our objective. However, when it’s better to make a change, the key is to take action early and implement a plan.


Throughout the leasing and leasing renewal services, we take pride in our excellent communication skills and responsiveness. We believe our quality service and availability helps keep your tenants wanting to renew year after year.


Please call us at 904-221-8850 with questions about leasing services, renewal or other services