Current Tenants

What is required for Moving Out of a unit?

See complete details on our Moving Out page.

How do I extend a lease?

Contact WaterMarke Property Management directly. We will coordinate an attorney written lease extension for your property providing all parties are in agreement.

How do I add someone to my lease?

Please contact our office for more details. We contact the owner first. If owner approves then we can send the person an online rental application. This application will go through screening for: Credit, Background, Employment and Rental History. If approved then they must be added to the lease. Lease re-writing fee of $45.00 applies to the new tenant.

What happens if the tenant needs to move sooner than their lease vacate date?

Circumstances vary. WaterMarke Property Management will review the request and advise the parties.

How do I submit a Service Request for repairs?

You will be given access to a tenant online portal. Each tenant (over the age of 18 years) will be sent an email link to set up their own portal. You can submit service requests through your portal.

Who do I contact if I have an after hours repair emergency?

You can call our 24 Hour Emergency Hotline. They can help you with most easy fixes or direct you with items that require immediate attention. 904-221-8850.

Can a tenant make any physical changes (paint, etc.) to the unit?

The tenant will have to ask permission from the owner (in writing) if any changes are made to the property.

Can the tenant use the onsite amenities at the community?

This is a case by case situation. Every community that has amenities will have different bylaws for use of those amenities by a tenant. It is best to check the HOA rules and regulations for the community.

What happens if the tenant makes a late payment on their rent?

The tenant is assessed a $50.00 late fee on the 5th of the month and an additional $5.00 per day until rent is paid. WaterMarke Property Management contacts tenants to encourage timely payments. Excessive delinquency may result in a posted notice of demand.

How do I renew a lease?

We will contact the owner and will advise you whether renewal is an option.

Who takes care of lawn maintenance?

Each property has different requirements. You will be advised before signing your lease and the responsibilities will be written in your lease.

Who takes care of pool maintenance?

WaterMarke Property Management requires that this service remain with the owner to best protect pool and pool equipment.

How do I contact WaterMarke Property Management?

Office: (904) 221-8850
Email: [email protected]

Who takes care of scheduled maintenance of HVAC?

The owner is responsible for scheduled maintenance of the HVAC units (interior and exterior). Service calls will be coordinated with the tenants for interior access.

Who is responsible for changing the filters for HVAC?

Most often the tenant is responsible for changing the filters. However, if the filters are in an area that requires a ladder then those filters will need to be changed out by a service. It will be clearly defined in the lease.

How long is a guest allowed to stay in my unit before they need to sign a lease?

The lease will clearly state, “A reasonable number of guests may occupy the property without prior written consent of the landlord if the stay is limited to no more than 7 days.”