Tips for a Healthy Rental

Tips for a Healthy Rental

Catching a problem and fixing it when it’s small can save you thousands of dollars down the road. WaterMarke Management Grouphighly suggests examiningour managead properties regularly for these minor items of concern. We can then best assist our owners to make the small repairs with our licensed proven vendors.

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Check for leaks

Identifying and fixing a water leak early means avoiding the chances of microbial growth on or in the wall, ceiling and tiles/grout. Check around windows, doors, sinks, showers, toilets and water heaters in your units for signs of leakage. Look for water pockets on the walls and ceiling, especially after rainstorms.

Re-caulk showers and seal cracks in tile grout

Regular use of bathroom and kitchen surfaces can lead to cracks and loose tiles. Resealing these areas around the tub, sink and tiles will prevent water from getting into and damaging the walls and floors.

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Update the wiring

Keep your property’s electrical system safe and up-to-date to prevent shorts, outages or electrical fires. Hire a licensed and fully insured electrician/contractor to help you examine your system on a routine basis.

Repaint your property

Don’t wait until your property’s exterior is peeling or the interior walls are damaged and dingy. A new coat of paint can help extend the life of your property and improve its marketability. A freshly painted home can also be a renewal incentive, and it’s generally a tax-deductible expense.

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Check for pests

Dealing with a major pest problem can be costly. Tenants might need to temporarily move, and you risk losing them and facing more vacancies. Examine your property regularly for signs of critter infestations and take care of it before it becomes a headache.

Replace the air filters & service HVAC

Neglecting your air ducts until they get clogged and then hiring a professional to clean them is costly and may leave your tenants without heat or cooling while you wait for servicing. For the health of your HVAC units, have a licensed HVAC company service the units every 6 months (Spring & Fall) and change your air filters every month.

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Regularly test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Schedule a time with your tenants to check these devices. A smoke or carbon monoxide detector that doesn’t go off in an emergency could lead to damage or injury. Replace batteries, check the wiring or buy a new device as necessary.

Refresh your landscape

Curb appeal is important but, maintaining trees, shrubs and the lawn around your home has benefits, too. Have trees and shrubs regularly pruned to keep your roof and siding in good condition. Having mulch placed in planting beds will keep your shrubs in better condition and prevent soil from splashing onto the façade. For the health of your home and to prevent pest issues, check the gutters twice a year (Spring & Fall) to keep them free from excess debris.

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