Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville’s four distinctive beaches are in this community – Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Seminole Beach all have characteristics of their own, but, collectively, provide some of Florida’s best beach living.

Not too crowded, not too busy, just a pleasant combination of atmosphere and advanced services, plus, the advantage of being immediately next door to Jacksonville and it’s superior transportation system, make Jacksonville’s beaches a pleasant place to call home.

The subtle change of seasons eliminates the monotony of one-season beach towns, but the moderate climate still allows a pleasant walk on the beach on New Year’s Day.

The Jacksonville Beach Pier is one of the finest on the east coast, and a stroll to the far end provides a stunning look back at all of Jacksonville’s beaches, from north to south. The Atlantic Ocean is a gentle giant when viewed from the pier, with the water changing colors at any given moment reflecting the surrounding atmosphere.

Just about everything can be found at the beaches, from local haunts featured in a John Grisham novel to an outdoor amphitheater screening classic movies on a warm summer night. Jacksonville’s beaches have year round events, festivals, and food tastings. You make the choice of enjoying a quiet day in your enclave, or venturing out into the always pleasant atmosphere of the beach experience

Country club living is available at the Selva Marina Country Club.

The quaint fishing village of Mayport still offers excellent seafood, and nearby Naval Station Mayport provides a backdrop of military might.

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