Hurricane Preparedness: Being Safe During a Major Storm

Hurricane Preparedness: Being Safe During a Major Storm

The time to prepare for a major hurricane is when the skies are blue and the sun is shining. Too many of us wait for the week of a storm or even the days right before the storm to make plans.

Hurricane Irma sets its sights on Florida

Hurricane Irma, September 2017

Whatever your time table is, the time is now.  The City of Jacksonville and St. Johns County both have great guides that have tips, lists of items to have on hand, resources, phone numbers, etc. to assist you: of what to do before, during and after a major storm hits our areas.  Your top priority should be the safety of your life and those around you.  Yes, your property is valuable but it can be replaced.  Stay tuned to your local news for getting ready for the storm, evacuation declarations and where the storm is heading.

Plus, check on your neighbors – especially the elderly or infirm.  They need your assistance during this time to feel safe and protected.  Have a list of phone numbers, addresses and contacts to keep in touch with everyone.   If evacuations are required, then please heed them in a sensible manner.  Call on your neighbors to find out their plans.  Everyone needs to be safe.

We highly recommend calling local hotels 72 hours before the storm hits our area to make reservations.  Most hotels will allow you to cancel a reservation within 72 hours.  If you have pets, then find the hotels that will allow them to stay.  Now is the time to prepare.  

Contact WaterMarke Management Group if you are one of our current tenants or owners.  We can assist you as needed during this stressful time.  Call our offices at 904-221-8850.

Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials

Top 10 Items to always have on hand in an emergency tote:

1.) Bottled Water

2.) Non-Perishable Food (minimum of 3 days for each person)

3.) Flashlight & Batteries

4.) AM/FM Radio (battery-operated)

5.) Important Documents: Insurance Policies (home, flood, car, life, medical, etc.), Medical Records, Home title/deeds, Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport/Driver’s License, Pet Records and copies of Credit Cards

6.) Cell phone and chargers

7.) Cash and/or travelers checks

8.) First Aid Kit and All Important Medicines

8.) Rain Gear: Jackets, ponchos, umbrellas, hats, shoes/boots, plastic bags and tarps

9.) Matches and/or Lighter

10.) Whistle  (seems like a simple item but it can help to signal others if you need help)

For more information on tracking Hurricane Irma, go to



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