Great Move Out Starts with a well-planned Move In

Great Move Out Starts with a well-planned Move In

WaterMarke Management Group provides property owners and tenants pre-lease interactions to clarify aspects covering the entire life of the lease. Smart planning and precautionary measures help contribute to a smooth transition at the end of the tenancy.

Move-In 1

Screen prospects thoroughly

The first step to ensuring a smooth move-out process is to choose trustworthy, high-quality tenants, which makes thorough screening a must. In addition to conducting a credit check, WaterMarke Management Group contacts employment, pastrental references and character references. To simplify the process, we utilize online screening and property management software to document all tenant and application information.

Explain the security deposit

Some prospects, especially those with limited rental experience, might not know the purpose of a security deposit. We take the time to explain how the refunded portion of the deposit preemptively incentivize the tenant to take better care of the unit. Again, this knowledge creates a platform for a pleasant move out experience.This discussion will also provide the opportunity to clarify what constitutes normal wear and tear.

Move-In 2

Detail tenant responsibilities

Use part of the lease to clearly explain the occupant’s maintenance responsibilities and the responsibilities of the owner. To help protect the property, WaterMarke Management Group gives each new tenant a ‘Tenant Handbook’ which includesthe process for maintenance requests and a timeframe during which the tenant must notify you of new maintenance items.

Supply a move-out checklist

When a tenant signs a lease for a managed property, WaterMarke Management Group provides a ‘Vacating Checklist’. Typical requirements include keeping all utilities active until their move-out date, having the carpets cleaned, having the home thoroughly cleaned, returning any painted walls to their original colors, disposing of all trash and debris, replacing any burned-out lightbulbs and having working batteries in all smoke detectors.

Move-In 3

Keep the lines of communication open

WaterMarke Management Groupexcels at maintaining open and honest communication throughout the entire tenancy. We offer 24/7 communication for both tenants and owners. WMG utilizes a property management software systems that allows for owner and tenant portals. The portals allow for communicating with us to be easier while tracking all questions, issues, repairs and scheduled maintenance in one place.

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