How to Get the Right Tenants for Your Luxury Residential Property

How to Get the Right Tenants for Your Luxury Residential Property

One of the biggest parts of managing a rental property you own is working with tenants. You need to find tenants. You need to communicate with tenants. You need to handle tenant issues. You need to collect rent and fees from tenants. You need to evict tenants (if necessary). Since clients are a part of your daily life as landlord/building owner, it is essential you find quality tenants to rent your space.

At Watermarke Management Group, we offer tenant place services for landlords and owners in Jacksonville, Florida.

Finding tenants can be a lot of work. You need to dedicate time and resources to find good tenants to be in your building. Let us do the work for you.

Our tenant placement services include:

  • Extensive marketing on SEO website, major and boutique internet site, MLS
  • Use of social media to market property
  • Electronic lockboxes to track showings and ensure improved security
  • Tenant screening: Credit, criminal Background, employment verification and rental History
  • Attorney-prepared leases that comply with current Florida law
  • Coordinate leasing activities

Since our real estate experts at WaterMarke have more than 15 years of combined experience in tenant placement services, we wanted to share some tips for finding the best tenants for your residential property.

Tips for Finding the Best Tenants

Create an attractive advertisement – Whether on social media, an online listing, or a print ad, the ad should do all the work for you. The AD should have appealing and accurate descriptions and beautiful photos. Be specific and thorough. Put your ad on multiple platforms to get more views and to hit a bigger, wider audience.

Verify income – You don’t want to rent for a payment who can’t keep up with the rent. The tenant’s monthly income should be at least three times the monthly rent.

Do background checks – Do a background check – criminal and credit. A tenant may have a sketchy past that will make you think twice about having him or her in your building.

Pick a tenant with stability – A tenant who moves or changes jobs often could be a red flag, or not. Talk to the tenant about why they move or switch jobs more often than the average person – there could be a harmless, practical explanation. Regardless, you still want to find a tenant who has a consistent income and doesn’t have plans to move quickly.

Trust yourself– First impressions are not everything, but if you have a bad feeling about a prospective tenant, move onto the next one. You don’t want to take a chance on someone you feel questionable about – he or she could turn out to be a problem tenant, which could cost your money and headaches.

Hire a Jacksonville Luxury Property Management Company

At WaterMarke Management Group, we have a solid, thorough process for finding and selecting tenants. If you work with us, you won’t have to stress about how you’re going to fill vacancies ever again. We work hard to find quality tenants to make your lives and our lives easier.

The above tips are very helpful, but finding tenants is easier said than done. With a property management company, a building can run smoothly, and tenants will remain happy and satisfied. If you’re a property owner/landlord, it’s time for you to hire a property management company when you feel like you cannot tend to the building’s or the tenant’s needs in a timely and efficient manner.

We not only find you tenants, we can also manage the property and communicate with the tenants year-round. Our highly trained staff coordinates accounting, service calls, showings, and owner/tenant relations. We offer premier full-service management, so you can enjoy property ownership without the added stress of the day-to-day operations.

Our team works with you when you need us, not just during defined business hours. If you’re looking tenant placement services and/or a property management company in Jacksonville, Fl, let our team at WaterMarke help you. Call us at 904-221-8850 for more information or to get started, or visit our Jacksonville property management contact page.

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